Specializing in Early Childhood Music Education

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The atmosphere is friendly, challenging, supportive and playful!

  • ♪ Reasonable lessons' fees
  • ♪ From age of four and up
  • ♪ Beginner to advanced level
  • ♪ Preparation for RCM exams
  • ♪ Participating in music festivals
  • ♪ Playing in recitals & school performances


Benefits of Individual Lessons Versus Group Lessons

    More personal pace for learning
    Receiving undivided attention
    More options for scheduling class
    Preparation for RCM exams
    Play in competitions, etc.
    Flexible lesson plan

Individual or Private piano lessons which are pertinent for students who have a strong desire to learn and are interested in working at a faster pace. In these individual lessons, students receive one on one attention, and each lesson can be tailored to the student’s personal needs and interests at the time. The length of these lessons is either half an hour or one hour, once or twice a week. The lessons are booked and scheduled for the same day, at the same time each week. As a result of these individual and exclusive classes, students’ learning process will accelerate more rapidly to the advanced level. For more information about private piano lesson in North York, please contact Gabriella directly at: 416-499-3242.

Benefits of Group Lessons Versus Individual Lessons

    Less Expensive
    Fun to learn with others
    More opportunity for creativity
    Performances together
    Play Musical Games
    Share Musical Ideas

Group Piano lessons are offered at some elementary schools, and at Gabriella's Music Studio. Students learn music theory, music history, finger techniques, and appreciation of music. During these group lessons children will play musical games, learn to play songs on the piano/keyboard, get a chance to experience to use different instruments, and play music together with other students as a group. Group music lessons are offered throughout the school year for various age groups and levels. For more information about group piano lessons please contact Gabriella directly at 416-499-3242

Specializing in Early Childhood Music Education - lessons for 4-6 years of age

The classes are heart-warming learning experiences.

Music is nutrition for the brain! Children need a music education for good, healthy development. This program is designed to meet these young musicians' needs. Early exposure to piano lessons gives a solid foundation in music and teaches how to express emotions which helps to establish good social skills. The earlier we introduce children to music, the greater impact it will have in their lives. Their brains are wired to learn anything at this age. Some linguists believe that childhood is a critical period for the acquisition of language. Music is a language - a language for all.

Theory Classes

To become a well-rounded musician, it is important to study music theory. In these classes, students will learn the essence of music. In addition to learning and preparing for theory exams, students will gain valuable insights into many abstract concepts, connection between theory and practice, all skills that are applicable in life. They study music history and enjoy the discovery of learning.

Learn about:

    Scales and Chords
    Musical terms and signs
    Structural analysis
    Dynamics and articulations
    Symbolic thinking
    Music history
    Famous composers

Meet The Teacher

Gabriella Hajdu

Gabriella Hajdu

Piano Teacher & Educational Coach

Gabriella has more than twenty-five years of successfully teaching music to children and adults through her private studio and some Toronto Elementary Schools. She is constantly searching for new and more effective approaches to guide students through their music lessons. She is dedicated to helping students to find their gift in music, enjoy learning, and making life more beautiful through a musical education.

Gabriella studied music at the renowned Ryerson University Toronto, Royal Conservatory Toronto, and Royal Conservatory Hungary, specializing in “Music in Early Childhood Education”.

Gabriella’s passion for music, love of children, and her musical background led her to develop her unique Music Net School Program. Her lesson plans incorporate the Dalcroze, Kodaly, and Orff methods. Each of these methods has their own unique approach to use the body, or student’s own voice combined with musical instruments, to support individual musicianship.



  • When my son, Nicolas was five years old. I was wondering whether he could play the piano. I met Gabriella from her website. I was so impressed by her specialized skills in teaching younger children piano. Also, Gabriella holds annual performance shows, which gives every student a great opportunity to show their talent. I really appreciate her hard work and effort as well as patience in teaching. My son enjoys playing piano now, so please check out my son’s video on youtube:

    Aaron Chen
  • Gabriella has been teaching me piano for about 10 years. As a child I dreamed of learning to play the piano, but did not have the opportunity. I was intimidated to start lessons, but Gabriella's encouragement and support immediately put me at ease. She has endless patience to explain the theory to me plus she keeps the lessons varied, fun and interesting. I look forward every week to my piano lesson!

  • I took piano lessons from Gabriella for a few years as an adult learner, and thoroughly enjoyed it! She made all of the lessons interesting and made sure that I learned the basics well, but also inspired me with more challenging pieces, so I could envision what I might me capable of a few years down the road. I highly recommend Gabriella as a piano teacher!

    Sandy Merelaid
  • I've been playing piano for about 10 years now. I met Ms. Hajdu at a young age and she has helped me blossom to be a great piano player. What I love about Gabriella Hajdu, is that she loves what she does. There has never been a time that I couldn't depend on her. Playing the piano has taught me more about myself than I could ever explain; it made me realize I love to entertain people. Gabriella teaches, guides, supports and encourages with passion for each individual.

    Sharla Sidon
  • I love music. I started learning the piano with Ms Hajdu since I was little. I grew up to love the piano, learned a plethora of songs, and gained many skills with the direction and expert guidance and teaching of Ms. Hajdu. I’ve competed in several festivals and received a second place award at the Kiwanis Music Festival. In all the exams taken for the Royal Conservatory of Music, I’ve consistently received first class honours. I am 15 years old and recently learned to play a song by Chopin, which I played at a concert. It was a gratifying experience to play such an intricate song in front of a big audience. Learning the piano with Ms. Hajdu is really fun! Most importantly, throughout the years, I’ve learned many skills, built self-confidence, and played the piano excellently.

    Meryl (15 years old)
  • Dear Ms. Hajdu
    Thank you, for being the best piano teacher a little note could ever have

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